Little Shoots Yoga and Nature sessions

Over the last year, with all the changes in Lockdowns I have been able to continue my children’s yoga sessions through my already established childminding setting in the Lake District, Uk.

These have been spontaneous and fun, playful sessions. Listening into what the children needed to express or release.

I’ve watched tension and upsets transform into joyful laughter and movement as they are able to express themselves through their imaginations and movements.

There is also the importance of the maintained safe space, and continued contact with other children that nurseries and childminders in the Uk have been able to maintain.

There are lots of videos, books and yoga cards out there to support you with ideas at home. The most important ingredient is time to listen in and be silly with your child. Pretend to be some of the animals they love, or act out one of their favourite books. Listen into the sounds around you, and the movement of your breath.

Important tools you can give kids to help them regulate their emotions, and their nervous system when tension and upset is stimulated. We adults can use these tools too!

So these Yoga and Nature sessions are a way for me to bring the healing space of yoga and the ‘in the moment’ beauty and awareness that nature brings to offer gradual grounding and growth from this year of upheaval.

My Yogatherapy training is accredited with the British Psychological Association and Yoga Alliance. I also have further training in working with neurological differences like Autism. I am also trained to support Pregnant mum’s with Womb Yoga, at the very beginning of their children’s journey.

Please do get in touch at or on my Facebook page for more information about availability of sessions,

In Peace and Joy,