It was through bringing yoga sessions to children in school’s that I realised I needed to deepen my knowledge in helping children and young people with trauma’s and mental health difficulties. Hence just completing 200hrs Yogatherapy training.

How to help find calm in a busy stressful world. How to facilitate reconnection within people with trauma, so they can start to feel again and properly live in their bodies without fear and anxieties.

I felt that bringing yoga sessions to 30 children at a time (even though great fun and wonderful for team bonding), I was not able to focus my teaching for each child, so my wish to work   1-1 and in small group sessions. Holding a safe space for emotions to come up. Using tools of yoga – movement, breath, meditation, sound, to reconnect within body and find clarity of mind.

Yoga for Neurodevelopmental Differences:

I have completed training in Yoga for Autism and Neurodevelopmental differences, through Yotism Foundation and within 200hr Yogatherapy for children and young people.

This training has been put into practice in several schools and nurseries, and private 1-1 sessions.

Yoga introduces a deep sense of body awareness, mindfulness, motor-neutron organisation and gently resets the nervous system to create a shift from ‘survival’ mode to a feeling of internal safety and coping, i.e.. from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’.

Yoga is a powerful healing tool that is now scientifically proven to have known positive and beneficial effects on the brain, emotions and neuro-sensory system. It is a key to awareness to learning and creating new connections, hence helping individuals to ‘live to their full potential’.