Yoga is a time in the week to slow down, listen in with and connect to yourself and your baby. Using fluid movement, sound and deep relaxation. The more we love and nurture ourselves, the more we are able to love and care for our babies, preparing for birth and motherhood.

My training in Pregnancy Yoga was through Uma Dinsmore Tuli’s Sitaram Teacher Training. It is such a beautiful way to share ways to help bring connection and calm to the very beginning of a growing babies life, and ease any anxieties or ailments the mother might be feeling.

Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for birth is not about giving us a blueprint for doing birth the ‘yoga way’, it’s about giving us the capacity to trust that our breath and our bodies will enable us to meet with an open heart whatever birth experiences we and our babies encounter. Openness and acceptance to adapt and accomodate is the ‘yoga way’.

We can find wisdom from our growing babies in this quote:

‘After my birth I practice yogic breathing (pranayama) naturally. After being born I breath only through my nose. I am never concerned with the past or future. I am always in the present moment. This awakened state I live in is what yoga and meditation practitioners strive to achieve.’