Hello, my name is Kate. I am a mum to two growing children, and love yoga, dancing, connecting in nature and with people in my communities.

Finding the right support to help reconnect within, using techniques of yoga, breathwork, intuitive movement, asana (postures), sound work and guided meditation to heal any emotional and physical blockages and disconnection. Finding the tools to help ourselves emotionally self regulate, and feel safe within our mind and body.

Connection with Nature has also always been very healing for me. When you’ve come out the other side of bumpy times in life, and found people and techniques to help ground, energise, reconnect and reignite sparks of creativity; Then you want to pass that energy on, and try and be there for others at times when they’re in need of guidance.

I am passionate about helping children and young people reground, find calm and reconnect within themselves. We can model self-care and peer support, encouraging tuning into what is needed for each individual child and young person.

Thank-you for visiting my page, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.